Monday, February 13, 2012

post 11 of 30: wren 10 months

so remember that little sneak peek i gave you from lindsey lu photography of the photos of wren, pax and harper, here?  well, the disc has arrived and i could not be more delighted.  i ordered my photos from mpix today, what a great site!  here they are!

harper and wren.  these two are just a month apart.  pretty amazing and pretty lucky to be preggers with your best friend at the same time:)
 these two are best buds, inseparable.  he goes to grammy and papaw's every day too!
 in this mini photo shoot lindsey's goal was to capture wren's MANY faces.  this stinker is extremely animated in her facial expressions.  see below, i think lindsey nailed it!

i was SO HAPPY that she got a photo of super long lashes.  i have been trying to get a photo, but it is kind of hard at this age:) 
 i think that this one is my favorite.  harper is recently into putting things inside of other things and wren, well she is into the camera:)


lindsey was also determined to get some photos of wren's pouty lips:)

 and of course the soccer ball that she is always kicking around made an appearance.

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