Monday, January 23, 2012

post 1 of 30: blog challenge

i need a change...i started this blog back in 2009 and MANY things have changed since then; i think i am on my 3rd blog design, i have two etsy shops now (one which is seriously lacking, but i will get there), i have a daughter, my career has done a complete 360 but i am extremely happy, i moved from a city to a tiny house smashed between a bean field and a corn field and when i left the city i left all of my college friends.  let's just say the last 2.5 years have been a change.  i honestly could not be happier though!  now, i am asking for ANOTHER change, i think i have gone nuts! 
i am constantly trying to find things to blog about, as if my life is not eventful, trust me, it is!  this weekend i did all kinds of things that were blog worthy.
friday-i made decorations for wren's party, HELLO, why did i not document this so i could do a how-to video?!?!  don't worry i plan to take a lot of pictures at the party so you will see what i have been up to.
saturday-we visited my husbands best friend and his wife.  they have a little guy just 5 months older than wren.  the two were kissing all night long, can you say adorable photo op, but no.  we also made homemade sushi, i could teach you all about it with photos and recipes, but instead i just stuffed my face.
these are just typical examples of my daily life and how bad i am slacking when it comes to my blog, so a change.
1.  no more upper case letters.  i need this blog to be as maintenance free as i have become, no make-up, no upper case letters.
2.  i would love to tell you that i will do a post everyday, but who am i kidding, i know that will NEVER happen.
3. to finish what i start.  i started working on our room a couple of months ago and i have posted a couple of times but with christmas and wren's first birthday coming up, the room went to the way side.  so i challenge myself to finish, no deadline, but to finish (in a timely manner of course).
4.  a blog challenge.  i am SO excited yet SO scared about this.  i challenge myself to do 30 posts in 30 days.  bare with me as i may not get a post everyday, so some days may have multiple posts, but there will be 30 posts!  this is going to help me in SOOO many ways, but mostly i hope it gets me designing more paper goods so i can further develop my etsy stores.
good luck to me, i hope you enjoy and i hope you stick around to read all 30!

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  1. you sure have been busy, looking forward to the post and Wren's 1st birthday.