Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Monday.

This was a wonderful and eventful weekend for me!  I got more Christmas shopping done, hooray!
We FINALLY went to the Christmas tree farm and picked our tree!
And with our little helper, we decorated!
Last, but certainly not least, the Star!
Going through boxes of Gift Wrap, ribbons and bows, my hubster found my long lost Designer's Guild Cards!  Perfect timing, because I have a thank you card to send!

Arrive at work today and I am gifted these yummies, from friend and Coworker, Amanda.

Oreo Balls....a bite out of heaven!

How to make Oreo Balls:
She uses a Magic Bullet.
Put the oreos in the bullet.  There is no real math here, just put the entire oreo in, put as many as you can fit.  (I am sure you could use a food processor or Blender too.)
Once your cookies are all crushed up, transfer them to a mixing bowl.  For every pack of cookies, and a block of cream cheese.  She cuts the cream cheese into small squares so it mixes easier!
Once your oreos are of a consistency similar to cake, it is time to get messy!  Make sure to grease up your hands, or wear gloves, or BOTH.
Rolls those bad boys into a nice size ball.  (About 2 or 3 inches in diameter.)
Put them in the freezer to harden and cool.
In a pan melt down chocolate chips.  This is her trick, do not use bakers chips, use real chocolate chips here!
Roll them into the melted chips and cool on wax paper.
Once the chocolate has hardened you have a delicious treat. 
Serve cold! YUMTASTIC!

Also, this week, I ordered my Jonathon Adler pen, I LOVE IT.  It is super cute, but mostly I love the way that it writes!  I got mine from Amazon!

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