Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Laurel Denise

Did everyone have a good thanksgiving?!?!  I know I did, but I did not get my cousins homemade rolls, and I am pretty dissapointed about it.  For some reason I was totally lame and spent EVERY SINGLE DAY of my vacation vegging out and playing with my daughter, and did not do a single post!  Sorry to you:(  I had much to blog about, from my sweet potato casserole recipe, DELISH, to the new etsy shop I am opening, WOOPSY, did I write that?!?!  I am SOOOO excited about the shop, but I am super busy creating products for the shop and the shop appearance before the reveal!.....a "little" hint......little, that's the hint! :)
Anyway...I ordered my 2012 planner today, and I am SO STOKED!
I found it when I hopped on Erin's blog, Design for Mankind.  Apparently Erin, like myself, is an organization and paper junkie.  I loved my 2011 Planner from Paper-Source, but I wanted something a bit larger. I am so excited to get it in the mail.  Let the lists begin!

I got the blue one!
Speaking of lists......before Thanksgiving dinner, my Aunt got up to say the prayer.  She pulled out a large peice of paper that was folded many times from her pocket....my cousin Amanda said "Wait, you wrote down the prayer?".  My Aunt said, "Yes, I did not want to forget it."  We all started laughing, and me and my cousins said, "I guess we know where we get it from!"  Then my cousin Amanda asked, "Do you write lists for everything, lists everywhere?  Then when you start to mark things off, do you have to rewrite the list so that it doesn't look messy?"  My answer was, of course, YES!  Thank goodness for my new planner to get me into shape for 2012!
Laurel Denise has many other great products as well!

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