Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Land of Fancy Soaps and Towels You Aren’t Allowed to Use

Ahhhhhh...The bathroom, or "wash room" as my college professor would hammer into our heads.  The one room in my house that we have not touched.  It is currently the color of a #2, how fitting, and lacks storage space horribly!!!  Therefore it is very cluttered.  I have no room to do anything, this morning as I was curling my hair (which is a task in itself because the outlet is on the opposite side of the room as the vanity) I dropped my curling iron onto the ground and peices went flying.  A little surgery and it was good as new, but GEEZ I do not know how much longer I can deal with this!  So this moring, exploring bathrooms is what I have been doing:)
I have always been a fan of a white bathroom and this one is fabulous!

I LOVE this vanity, and my hubby could totally make it!  The yellow mirror on the dark walls is FAB as well!

This is my favorite modern bathroom by far!  All of the modern fixtures with the eclectic touch totally ROCKS my SOCKS!

I love all of the white with the wood tones and that floor, OH that floor!!

This rug is to die for!!  Must begin hunting for that!


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