Thursday, July 14, 2011


The bedroom is so many things to so many people.  To me a bedroom is a place to relax, observe, and prepare. 
-Relax and unwind from the day in a peaceful atmosphere and cozy bed while lying in my husbands arms, or sometimes cuddled to little Wren. 
-Observe the tasks at hand for the day ahead and the things completed that day.  I also love to observe the space and think of all the things I love about it and all of the things I can change about it. 
-Prepare for the day ahead of me by getting ready physically and mentally. 
My husband and I agree on one thing for sure......when it comes to a bedroom, it is not a place for television!  One thing however, we can not agree on is a headboard.  In brainstorming about headboards on Pinterest, I found oodles of ideas and inspiration.  It is CRAZY how many things make a BAD$&* headboard (Excuse my french).  But seriously.......

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