Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Space.

Over the past 6 months, me and my family have been living down under.  No not in Australia, in my mothers basement.  Finally, this weekend we are moving into our new place.  Making the move to Southern Indiana was not an easy decision, but things are looking good for us.  Although, I terribly miss all of my friends and the city life.  There just isn't a lot to do when you are surrounded by corn fields.  Luckily, I have this little face to keep me busy!
 There are many things that excite me about getting our own place, and many things that will take some getting use to, AGAIN.  My husband has been working hard to get the house ready for us, this has included tearing out all of the flooring, repairing the walls, painting the walls and the trim, and replacing the bathroom flooring.  Only a couple coats of paint left, the new floors, and we move in!  All in a days work, not hardly, we are really pushing hard to get things done so that we can move in this weekend. 
I am so excited for a new place to decorate, but mostly I am excited abut Wren's nursery.  I feel like I have been planning out her nursery for years.  Now it is finally time!  I have been working on things for the room, and most recently I made these, recycled from the tissue paper in her Shower gifts.
 I have a couple of different ideas of what I will do with them, but you will have to wait and see:)

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