Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Heart Day

1 box of chocolates for my hubby?

NOPE!  Think again:)

 Red Velvet Cake Balls on top of a red velvet cake!  Yes....this is ALL CAKE.
 It was super cute and tasted SUPER DELICIOUS:)
Of course.....I tell my husband to stay out of the fridge because his Valentine's present is in there and when I get home last night and get ready to put the fondant on the cake and add in the cake balls, there were 5 cake balls missing.  "OOPSY" he said, "I thought those were leftover from your baby shower."  I guess the little heart on one of the cake balls was not a dead giveaway.  "They were delicious," he said.  I guess I have to forgive him after my wonderful Valentine's Day massage.  Visit bakerella to see where I got the idea for this red velvet cake masterpeice!

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