Friday, September 10, 2010


Do you have one of those homes where the builder decides to put niches in?  Or perhaps you wanted the niches.  Sometimes you have a beautiful peice to display so a niche is perfect, but other times you do not and you are constantly on the hunt on finding the perfect item for your niche.  Usually has to be skinny and tall and beautiful enough to be displayed on its own.  Here are some common displays of that.

I do not know about you, but these niches just are not doing it for me.  Are these peices really worth of their own spotlight?  Then you have the painted niche.

And the niche in a staircase.

To me, these are the worst, honestly...what are you supposed to do with this?
Well my best friend Lindsey has one of these, poor thing.  Lucky for her, hers is in her living room and makes for the perfect spot to put her TV.  Hmmmmm, who wants a TV that looks like it is stuck in a hole.  This "hole"  needed some sprucing up and Lindsey did that and then some.  Need not feel sorry for her any longer, feel JEALOUS!

With some wallpaper, will-power, adhesive and major measuring, Lindsey has made her niche LALALALALOVELY!!!

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