Tuesday, June 29, 2010

$18 Deal.

Look at this beauty.....my client found at a local antique store for just $18.00.
This chair found its new home and it is a desk chair in their Kitchen!
What color should it be???........hmmmm...........say Turquoise!
We are trying to keep the antique look of the chair, and to do so we are using 3 different colors of paint, so primer is a must!

Spray it on, let it dry.
Then, Chocolate Brown for depth and dark crevices.

Brush it on, let it dry.
Then our first, lighter shade of turquoise.

Brush it on, but not too thick, we want our brown to show through, let it dry.
Then our last coat, which is a darker shade of turquoise.

Brush it on, again not too thick, let it dry.
Then lightly sand edges to show the lighter shade of turquoise and the chocolate brown to create an antique look!
Next was reupholstering this UGLY seat!


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