Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Meet Amy Lau

As I was thumbing through my icon magazine today (a magazine tailored for Interior Designers who are members of ASID) I came across the designer Amy Lau.  I dug a little further only to discover her unique design style, which some may consider "over-the-top", but given her history I think Amy has a Miami flair mixed with Mid-century Modernism.  It is actually quite catching and definitely a peice of art!

This console is so awesome and she has such a unique eye for lighting.

Hello amazing tables and wooden sculpture!

How did she think of this?  hmmm Let's recess a wine cabinet and then put the TO DIE FOR hand-carved sculptural doors on it!  Oh and we will line the doors with wallpaper, BRILLIANT!

Again with the lighting!

This staircase alone would have been magnificent but these walls, OH these walls.

This design is wonderful but the mirror(bottom left) and chairs(bottom right) are simply amazing.

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