Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lu's Loft

So....last night I paid an overdue visit to my dearest friend Lu (Lindsey) and we did a little blog photo shoot, which I will be sharing after edits are made, and we also did a little chit-chatting about her house.  You see, Lu has a one-of-a-kind interior design style, I would  say it is Betsey Johnson meets Southern Living and it is AWESOME!  I have been bugging her about taking pictures of her house so I can blog about it but now that "pictures" and "blog" were mentioned in the same sentence she is running around picking her house apart!  Well if you ask me, her house is TOTALLY blog worthy, but just to make her happy:) I have been working this morning finding fabrics for her Master Bedroom that she is in the process of redoing! 
She also has a loft that is causing her all kinds of trouble.  Well, the loft is a "multifunctional space", you know, that space in everyones home where everything ends up?  Yeah, that is the one!  Lindsey's loft is a Guest Room, Craft Room, Guitar/Music Room, and Office all rolled into one 11x11 space.  Now for the tricky part, make this room work in all of the above ways and make it look good as it does so..........I thought maybe as an outsider looking in, I could come up with something, so to the drawing board I went!

Okay, so now that you have a feel for the space.  Here is the list of items that she currently has in the room!
-yellow vintage lockers
-computer desk
-sewing machine
-craft papers, fabrics, etc
-full size bed
-tower of speakers for the hubby to jam out
-2 guitars
-large marilyn monroe poster
-giant clock
Now everything might not go back into the room but we have to do our best to get most of it in!  A little inspiration was needed at this point.

This style of Built-In is PERFECT for Lu.  The white will be great against her Robin's Egg Blue walls and the large square openings will fit anything she might want to shove in there.  They also seem pretty simple and I think the hubby can tackle building these:)

Is that a yellow Dining Room table that she is using for a work table?  I think it is! And I think that I saw one just like this beside Lu's Kitchen last night:)  Need yellow paint Lu?

Another project for the hubby!!!  This bed is a great size for guest/s and with its daybed style it can fit snuggly up against the wall instead of interrupting the space!  Great idea on a daybed Lu.  You could use the space under the bed for additional craft storage...or how about the folded up treadmill!!!! 

So, with all of that being said, here is the floorplan I came up with!  Oh, and that frame you scored for $7 from Hobby Lobby, I think it needs to go right between your new yellow dining table and your lockers in your craft room to use as a bulletin board:)

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