Thursday, April 1, 2010

Before & After: Frame to Cork Board

My husband built us a coat closet this week by the front door, and OH WHAT A JOY that has is the small things in life:)
To never hear, "where is my coat" again is a MAJOR blessing. 
Well, one side of the closet wall that faces the living room and front door, I thought would be the perfect place for a cork board.  So I can put up notes, grocery lists, reminders as I walk out the door, etc.
Off to Hobby Lobby I went! Lucky for me, their solid wood frames are half off this week:) I found one righ toff the bat that was long and slender, perfect of rour wall but it was still too expensive for my liking, so I picked up this puppy for $17.50
With a can of the most beautiful blue spray paint, a cork board and some fabric lying around the house, WALA!

My intentions were good to hang this by our new closet, but I decided that this one is for my Etsy Shop....and while I was at it I made another one for my shop too!



On my next Hobby Lobby errand I decided to take a look at that long slender frame that was perfect for our closet wall and to my amazement, the frame was now 80% off!!!  SO MINE.
While I was there I grabbed myself a can of orange spray paint and home I went, as ecstatic as ecstatic can get.

.......but you have to wait to see the finished project when the Living Room is ALL DONE!

Here are some insider shots of the process of making the cork boards!

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