Monday, March 1, 2010

Wayne Pate

Happy first day of MARCH! I can not believe that it is already here, with February being the short month, March always seems to creep up on me, but somehow Spring...not the case. Spring can never come soon enough:) With a new month comes a new desktop wallpaper. This is something that "D" at Design Sponge does monthly and I think it is a great idea! It will not only open doors to new finds but it will be nice to see something different every month, who knows it could get some new creative juices flowin'!

Thanks to my friends at
Design Sponge I have discovered a new digital art love, Wayne Pate who works from his brownstone in Brooklyn, NY. He is a designer/illustrator and SO CREATIVE! Lets just say...his digital image has made it as my 1st Desktop Wallpaper!

With Spring on the brain, and it being the 1st day of March, this one seemed ideal:) I am always a sucker for black and white and this green, ohhhh this green!

Since my blog is really all about being inspired, I challenge all of you to do the same and change your desktop wallpaper with the change of every month. I think changing it and seeing it will inspire you to do something wonderful everyday, and thanks to Dave Cuzner at Herman Miller, who recently interviewed Wayne, I was able to come up with some photos of Wayne's home, which is also his studio! Check out the interview here.
Photos, INSPIRE:

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