Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Alaska........nope INDIANA!

What I come home to.............................
Lately, my husband has not been working much. People have just not been knocking down the door to build/remodel their home, but luckily for us this has given him time to work on our house! Which is a constant work in progress and currently in NO STATE to be sharing photos. Well, bless his heart, my husband LOVES to be outdoors and anything you give him to do outside is done immediately, anything you give him to do inside is periodically interrupted by outside ventures. Last year, our yard was not draining properly so he litterally dug a small river that flows from one side of our 3/4 acre yard to the other!
WOW that was a shocker to come home to.
Well after that, it takes A LOT to surprise me! In Indiana we have been getting a lot of snow this February and sadly, I do not think it is stopping any time soon, so lucky for us our igloo will be around awhile to stay. YES, I said IGLOO! Mike built an igloo in our back yard.
The first night of the igloo we HAD to have a beer inside! We got all bundled up and he put shelves in the sides of the igloo walls for us to sit our beers on. Notice the beer caps on the mound of snow in the middle, that mound of snow AKA beer cooler!

I asked him if the "M" stood for magnificent wife, CORNY, but as smart as he is, he said "Yes"!

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